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    The TYRE SENTINEL Solar Powered Real-time Tyre Monitoring System, enhance your driving and safety.

    Product Details

    The Tyre Sentinel is at the forefront of safety technology when it come to your tyres.

    The Tyre Sentinel control unit is Solar Powered, simply place it on the dash and its internal battery will remain charged at all times. If the is no sunlight or you are operating at night the TYRE SENTINEL’S internal battery will provide up to 7 days full operation before it requires an re-charge.

    Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are a wireless transmitting system that allow the driver to monitor the amount of pressure and temperature in each individual tyre remotely from inside the vehicle. The tyres on your vehicle are your only points of contact with the road, with incorrect pressures or temperatures you put yourself, your passengers and your vehicle at risk

    Imagine – No more flat tyres when you’re on a dark road in the middle of the night because The Tyre Sentinel warns you about potential trouble with your tyres.

    FACT, Under inflated tyres can be dangerous and can lead to 10% increased wear and tear

    FACT, Over inflated tyre can be dangerous and can lead to 20% increased wear and tear

    FACT, Correctly inflated tyres extend the tyres life

    FACT, correctly inflated tyres reduce driving risks

    FACT, correctly inflated tyres improve fuel efficiency.

    FACT, TPMS are considered a “safety device” and can lead to reduced insurance rates for your vehicle, contact your insurance provider to ascertain if you are eligible for a discount.

    The Tyre Sentinel will give you up to 7 alert messages (sound and visual) to make you aware of such things as;

    1. Air Leakage warning,
    2. Low tyre pressure warning,
    3. High tyre pressure warning,
    4. High temperature warning,
    5. Low power warning,
    6. No signal warning,
    7. Low power of receiver warning.

    The Tyre Sentinel includes features such as;

    1. 100% DIY Easy installation
    2. Wireless transmission technology,
    3. With built-in rechargeable explosion proof lithium battery
    4. Automatically activate sensor and monitor when vehicle launch
    5. Three-grade backlight brightness adjust according to need
    6. Support “bar or psi” as pressure unit
    7. High-definition colourful LCD large display, simultaneously show 4 tires pressure and temperature.

    Parameter of receiver:

    1. Operating Voltage:3.7V-5V
    2. Operating temperature: -20℃— -75℃
    3. Bright operating current:<10mA
    4. RF Transmission frequency: 433.92MHz±50KHz
    5. Display: LCD colour screen
    6. Storage temperature: -30℃— -80℃
    7. Black operating current:<3mA
    8. RF signal reception sensitivity:-90dbm
    9. Pressure range:0-5Bar

    Parameter of tyre sensors:

    1. Battery life: 24 months
    2. Waterproof level: IP67
    3. Working frequency: 433.92MHZ
    4. Working voltage: 2.1V – 3.6V
    5. Transmit power:<10dBm

    Package includes:

    1 x Solar TPMS
    4 x External Sensor
    4 x Anti thief nut
    4 x waterproof O-ring
    1 x Wrench
    1 x tool of replacement battery
    1 x USB cable
    1 x Solar TPMS Operating manual
    1 x Smart TPMS External Sensor Installation guide
    Note: Before using, read the instructions carefully so that you can solve the problems you encountered during installation

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