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    FACTORY SECONDS myCOOLMAN 85L ‘The Adventurer’ Portable Fridge/Freezer – CCP85DZ

    Product Details

    • Category: Cooling


    Powered by adventure, the myCOOLMAN 85 litre dual zone fridge provides the versatility of dual zone temperature control allowing you to keep your goods frozen and chilled at the same time. It’s perfect for family outings or longer adventures and is ready to accompany you on your next trip whether it’s out in the backyard having a BBQ and a few drinks, camping on a riverbed or blazing a trail through the middle of nowhere! Featuring our 12/24 volt DC compressor, this fridge is built to last and can be used every day while remaining small enough to allow easy storage when not in use.

    All Features:

    • Dual Zone
    • Powered by a 12/24 Volt DC Compressor
    • Two way opening lid
    • Mounted bottle openers on each end
    • Flat carry and tie-down handles
    • Digital display for each compartment
    • Multi voltage system AC (240V) and DC (12/24V) with battery protection
    • USB port and charger with 3000 mA
    • Bluetooth app provides wireless connectivity
    • LED interior lighting
    • Divided storage options with removable sections
    • Fully refrigerated multi-level compartment
    • Space for upright storage of larger bottles
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