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Ampfibian will connect your 15A device to a standard household powerpoint safely and legally.

The difference between a standard domestic powerpoint and a caravan, RV, welder, compressor, etc. is the amount of power that these devices are designed to operate at. A household powerpoint is designed to operate at up to 10A but a caravan/RV is designed to operate at up to 15A of power. For safety reasons, a 15A caravan lead plug will not connect directly into a standard 10A household powerpoint.

Ampfibian allows for the safe and legal connection of a 15A load (e.g. caravan) to a standard 10A domestic powerpoint, protecting the domestic power supply from overloading. Ampfibian also includes an earth leakage device (RCD) safety switch which will protect people from potential electric shock through faulty wiring or appliances

  • Suits leads up to 12mm diameter
  • Weatherproof to IP55
  • H-Class rated
  • Impact rated to IK08 (commercial duty)
  • Safely connect to domestic outlets
  • Designed and made in Australia
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