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REDARC introduce a range of accessories for AC Battery Chargers

REDARC has introduced a range of accessories for use with their co-branded 12V SmartCharge AC Battery Chargers by DEFA launched in late 2018.  The accessories can be used with the SmartCharge range, AC to DC battery chargers designed to automatically charge and maintain most 12V automotive and auxiliary batteries including Lithium (LiFePO4).  Since their release, […]

Keeping cool with dometic!
Keeping Cool With Dometic!

Millions of people around the world use Dometic products and now you can join the club.

Check Your Battery With Ease
Check your battery with ease

Amazing is the best way of describing the advancement in technology these days. In the “bad old days” we used a hydrometer to draw acid from the battery and check the float inside the hydrometer to see if the battery was charged or not. The next thing we had was a voltmeter that, when connected […]

Be Prepared With Tred 4×4
Be prepared with TRED 4×4

As a keen 4x4er and offroad traveller, I value the importance of being prepared for my adventures. Having the right gear on board can be the difference between enjoying my trip or being stranded and at worst putting me and my family at risk. We have seen it all so often, particularly on beaches- drivers […]

How to quell carbon monoxide poisoning
How to quell Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Unfortunately we have read and seen news reports of those who have died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning and most recent events included three people in a motor home. More fortunate was a couple in a caravan in Victoria. It was early in the morning when the husband awoke to a strange odour, […]

Cool weather touring
Cool Weather Touring

Hot chocolate by the glow of a campfire …ah, classic cool weather camping bliss.

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