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At New Age Caravans we have always been future-focused. We started life back in 2004 as New Age Frames and Designs with a view to providing a number of high-profile caravan manufacturers with a higher standard of structural framing and CNC fabricated componentry. Our passion and expertise quickly saw us grow into a key supplier to Australia’s prime caravan manufacturing hub in Campbellfield, Victoria. With a reputation for premium quality, we then switched our focus from supplying the industry with frames and parts to building our own caravans, and in 2008 New Age Caravans was born.

Instead of sticking with the wooden and rustic interiors built by other manufacturers, we designed caravans with modern, apartment-style interiors. Our innovative designs were such a success that we were credited with revolutionising the Australian caravan industry. Since then, our ongoing commitment to creating designs that break new ground and set new standards has seen us grow into a leading brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

In 2009 we manufactured 5 caravans a week, today we are making over 2000 a year. And while the last 10 years have been a period of rapid growth, our focus on bringing something better to the caravan market has never wavered. Along the way we have won many awards for product design, manufacturing, business operation and community work. Our strong desire to help shape the future of the caravan industry has also seen us appointed to the board of the Caravan Industry Association of Victoria.

Of course, when you’re future-focused you never rest on your laurels. Finding new and better ways to do things is in our company DNA and, not surprisingly, it’s what caused the Walkinshaw Automotive Group to take more than a passing interest in us. The Walkinshaw Automotive Group was founded by motorsport legend Tom Walkinshaw, a man renowned not just for his enviable success in F1, Le Mans Prototypes, British Touring Cars and Australian Supercars, but also for creating Australia’s iconic automotive brand HSV. Anticipating the dramatic changes in the Australian automotive landscape, the Walkinshaw Automotive Group was looking to diversify and bring its innovative design and engineering expertise to the caravan and RV market, and as a result, it decided to purchase New Age Caravans. Needless to say, it was a match made in heaven as it has taken our design and engineering capabilities to a whole new level.

Through Walkinshaw, we now have access to facilities, technology and expertise that are unmatched in the caravan industry. A seven-post rig that can replicate 1000km of rough durability testing in minutes, a dedicated clay modelling studio for conceptual and prototype design work, robotic-welded chassis operation and access to Walkinshaw’s proving ground for unsurpassed rough track testing are but a few of the things we now have at our disposal to help us design the next generation of New Age caravans.

Featuring striking new looks, Walkinshaw designed and engineered chassis and a myriad of specially designed parts unique to New Age, our brand new vans are continuing to set new standards. With all of our models benefiting from the new Walkinshaw influence and more innovative designs on the way, we are perfectly positioned to make the future of caravanning more exciting and rewarding than ever before.

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