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    Mini Combo Washer & Dryer

    Product Details

    This premium mini washing machine and dryer combo’s stylish design and petite size will upgrade any interior as well as your lifestyle. It is extremely space-saving allowing you to keep an all-in-one even in a limited space. You can now be done with your laundry completely from wash to dry with a single touch with the new mini combo.

    Featuring 8 programmable wash settings, including delicate wash through to full cycle. Low noise inverter motor, star drum, convenient detergent container, transparent door and child safe mechanism.

    You will love these features:

    2.5kg Capacity!

    • 2.5kg washing capacity
    • 1kg Drying capacity

    Quick Wash!

    • Wash a small load right away
    • Only 88 minutes to complete a full cycle of laundry from wash to dry (under 500g).

    Baby Care!

    • ‘Baby Care’ cycle for infants
    • Enhances washing power and rinsing power
    • By washing clothes at 87~89°C high, ainding in the removal of tough stains & dust mites

    Delicate Care

    • For delicate clothing like knitted and wool clothes
    • Gentle on lingerie and stockings

    Net size: 550mm(W) x 650mm(H) x 324mm(D).
    Weight: 19.8kg

    Includes 24 months warranty.


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