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    Induction cooktop  2300w 10 amp

    Product Details

    Induction cooking is a safe, advanced, efficient, and economical cooking technology. It works by

    electromagnetic vibrations generating heat directly in the pan, rather than indirectly through heating the

    glass surface.

    • 2 zone cooktop
    • Black Glass (Easy clean glass)
    • 1 – 10 power levels
    • 1 – 10 temperature levels
    • Front sensor touch control operation
    • Auto shutdown protection
    • Function: Set temp., Heating, Timer
    • 4 digital LED display
    • Front: 220V /60Hz, 1800W
    • Rear: 220V/60Hz, 1500W
    • Residual heat indicator
    • Child Lock
    • Fits nearly all ferrous cookware worldwide.
    • Automatic pan sensor – Detects and gives an audible beep if improper cookware is used on it.
    • SizeW x D x H) : approx. 300 x 520 x 60mm
    • Cut-out size: (W x L) 265 x 485mm

    NCE2300IND (2300w Max power draw) 10amp plug suitable for standard RV installations.

    NCE3000IND (3000w Max power draw) 15amp plug. Electrical Requirements: Dedicated circuit from cooktop to main switchboard

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