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    DCX Power Platform

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    • Category: Battery
    • Category: POWER MANAGEMENT

    NCE and OzXcorp have joined forces to distribute the DCX power platform across Australia & New Zealand. The DCX platform consists of either a 14.3kWh or a 7.1kWh swappable chassis-mounted battery linked to a 5kW 240VAC inverter/charger, scalable solar up to 4kW, and a hefty 100Amp 12Volt DC supply.

    The DCX system is a complete turnkey solution to the electrification of your caravan or RV and allows you to experience either a fully electric solution that eliminates LPG totally using the 14.3kWh battery or, continue to embrace fossil-fuelled gas appliances with electric convenience using the 7.1kWh battery.

    The battery is designed to be aligned with the impending new electrical standard AS/NZS 3001.2 draft and focused on improving OEM install times with a completely plug-n-power solution requiring no technical intervention or probability of uncertainty to achieve a correct install.

    The DCX system was not designed to be just a big battery but rather a complete solution that focused on low weight, improving usable in-cabin space utilisation, speed of install, minimal user intervention & importantly when or if anything goes wrong on the road, completely swappable products without the need for an electrician.


    • Kit includes all mounting, interfacing, wiring, and compliances labeling 
    • Includes a remote colour BMS touch screen
    • 1kW default grid charging
    • Fitment of a 15Amp external GPO will enable to 
    • co-sharing of power to other RV users or equipment


    • Nominal Usable Power DCX14: 14.0kWh
    • Nominal Usable Power DCX7: 6.7kWh
    • Auto-low SoC shut off
    • 51.1 Volts nominal
    • Operational: -20 to 55C (discharge)
    • High Energy Density Lithium Chemistry
    • IP67 rating, 1-meter depth for 30 minutes
    • Weight:  14.3kW system – 125kg nominal
    •                   7.1kW system – 72kg nominal
    • Unique “Push-to-Power” button feature 
    • Long-term flat battery storage up to 3 months warranted
    • 12 year, 365-day usage design
    • IEC 62619:2017, UN38.3, GB/T31484-2015,
    • UL1642:2012 (Cell level testing)
    • Automotive cyclic corrosion test (GB/T 31467.3)
    • Automotive TS16949 production and assembly
    • ISO9001 accreditation for manufacturing and assembly location


    • Purpose-built for recreational power systems 
    • Chassis mounting, avoiding “batteries-under-beds” and within living quarters
    • Turnkey, with all management systems internal to the battery


    • In-cabin alarm with voice warning and visual alert in event of thermal incident conforming to EN54 and AS1690.4 for voice alert
    • Duel redundancy aerosol extinguishers feature in every battery
    • 7.1kWh and 14.3kWh features leading and lagging edge crush-zones
    • External mounting ensures segregation from living quarters aligning best-practice (AS/NZS 5139:2019)
    • Automotive-grade DC power plugs conform to SAE/USCAR-2 USCAR37 and LV215 
    • Full Over-Current, Over-Voltage, Under-Voltage, Over-Temperature, Under-Temperature both at systems and cell level management
    • Tamper proof and evident systems mitigate tampering, modification, or adjustments

    Note: The use of an inverter/generator with a minimum output of 2.2kW is required to charge from a generator and support pass-through A/C demands to 1kW.


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