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  • Location: National
  • Category: Caravan
  • Category: Cooking

Outback RV Explorer small gas BBQ, 430 stainless steel

The larger model Outback BBQ comes with a flat plate and offers three in one – BBQ, stove top & oven. The ultimate cooking solution onboard your recreational vehicle – boil, grill or fry the perfect meal! Select optional accessories for optimal stove top and oven performance.

Please note: Not for marine applications.


  • Removable BBQ plate with handles for easy cleaning.
  • Baffled air intake reduces chance of gas BBQ blowing out in strong winds.
  • Functional removable fat tray system and sealed base compartment.
  • Lockable BBQ lid for easy carriage and storage.
  • BBQ plate manufactured from 3CR12 material, being a superior cooking surface with excellent thermal conductivity and rust resistance.
  • Internal components can be quickly and easily removed for efficient cleaning and servicing.
  • BBQ plate features an over-sized splashback, minimising fat splattering out the rear vent.
  • Adjustable steam vent on top of lid.
  • Double skinned base compartment reduces heat transfer to BBQ exterior.
  • Wind guards on each side of BBQ plate, contains unwanted fat splatter when cooking with lid open.


  • BBQ Plate x 1
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