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One of the industry we are passionate about is the Caravan Industry Association. Louise, one of the Directors has been in the industry since 2006, has managed a caravan park, is a trained nurse (31 years ) and has a strong back ground in OHS/ WHS… understands the challenges of health and safety compliance.

Defibs R Us recognises some of the concerns about.. using, having access to a machine and invest allot of time educating and alleviating anxiety around the product. Defibs R Us products are always price competitive and are supported by Ambulance Victoria

Defibs R Us have aligned with like-minded businesses often family business is this sector

We supply a number of different machines, we match the machine to desires and work place needs.

Defibs R Us pride themselves in providing excellent back up service and servicing the park industry within Australia and New Zealand, to make it affordable and provide confidence in servicing your needs.

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