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Check Your Battery With Ease
Check your battery with ease

Amazing is the best way of describing the advancement in technology these days. In the “bad old days” we used a hydrometer to draw acid from the battery and check the float inside the hydrometer to see if the battery was charged or not. The next thing we had was a voltmeter that, when connected to the battery terminals, would give an approximate level of the volts held within.

Then an ammeter gave us an indication of load as well as the volts within. All progressively good, but just how accurate were they?

BMPRO have just released their new Battery Check. It’s as simple as attaching one side to the negative pole, the other lead to the positive pole, download the app for your mobile and you’re in business.

Yes, that’s right, an app that gives you all of the details you require to be able to keep a check on your battery setup. Amps out, voltage level, estimated  time remaining, temperature, state of charge, battery health and status (charging or discharging.)

Temperature? You ask. Yes, it is large variation in temperature in batteries will not only shorten the life but will kill that battery

All the information you could ever need. Installation takes less than ten minutes by the great instruction book that comes in the kit. There is an extra battery terminal for those with multiple leads coming off your present setup and some cushioning  pads, that stick under the monitor on top of the battery. The diagrammatical description shows exactly what to expect at whatever stage of installation you are at. Great.

This BMPRO battery check is ONLY for installation on your house battery set up though and NOT for use on cranking batteries. This whole system makes a great talking point at happy hour or around the fire pit.

BMPRO battery check can be purchased online at

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