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The Quiet Achiever

When you’re enjoying happy hour chatter, what you don’t want is a cranking rumble at camp terrorising the appliances we bring.

Take generators. They’ve been with us for a long time. But in the good old days any comforts they brought were teamed with a throbbing ring.

Today, they’re far quieter, more efficient and gentler on our gear thanks to ever-evolving innovations. Happily, the wins keep coming.

…Ahh, the Good Old Days

Have you ever fired up an old school genie to power a halogen worklight? It’s certainly thirsty, in fact, it’s like using a fire hydrant to pour a drink. That’s because the alternating current (AC) powering your 240V devices comes straight from an alternator that’s usually mechanical and won’t adjust to your power needs. The shape of this alternating current isn’t very smooth either, so it can damage sensitive electronic devices.

Inverter All The Way

Given the sensitivity and consumption of your 240V camping appliances vary, an inverter generator like the Yamaha EF2200iS

is what you need. These generators take three steps to create power for your 240V devices. Magnets and electronics convert the power from AC to DC and back to AC again–at the output required. So they’re quieter and more economical. This AC is smoother, too. In fact, it’s as reliable as a dometic 240V supply.

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Check Out This Great Deal From Canterbury Caravans
Check out this Great Deal from Canterbury Caravans


Canterbury Caravans are offering $1,500 vouchers to the first 10 Caravans sold through this Camper Deals special offer in their Accessories & Spare Parts Store – that’s $1,500 for you to spend on great products like Kings 4X4, Tebco Electric Bikes, Camec Accessories or whatever else you need – just mention Camper Deals when you purchase.!

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Mycoolman 53l The Explorer – Dual Zone

Everything you need is right here in our latest myCOOLMAN 53 -litre fridge.

Starting with our two-way reversible lid, space-saving fold-flat carry and tie-down handles and integrated bottle openers at each end, this fridge also showcases our patented Blue-Gen compressor which operates on 12/24V and 240V, and DC input at both ends to make it easy to plug into your car.

Other cool features include Bluetooth connectivity, 3-level battery protection for your vehicle and digital display with Turbo mode for faster cool down.

Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors or your own back yard, this robust fridge can be used every day while remaining compact enough to easily store when not in use.

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Sirocco Ii Fans – Seekr By Caframo


Graeme Radford from RV Online talks about Sirocco II.

The Sirocco II is a class-leading favourite among boat and RV owners. It is chosen over and over again for its solid performance, great aesthetics, low power draw, and its space-saving ability to stow flat against the wall.

Key Features & Benefits
• Unique gimballed design allows complete 360° airflow
• Versatile 12/24V auto-sensing capability
• 3 speeds and 4 timer settings
• Ultra quiet, long-life motor with low power draw
• 2-year warranty
• Made in Canada

• Product dimensions: 9.5″ x 3.75″ x 12.25″ (241mm x 95mm x 311mm)

SEEKR by Caframo


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Dealing With Waste
Dealing With Waste

EnviroPro:Best in odour and waste treatment & composting toilets

Dealing with toilet waste has been an ongoing problem for campers and caravanners for many years. Odour issues, the amount of water needing to be carried to flush and the constant search for dump-points are just some of the problems. The Nature’s Head & OGO helps deal with all these issues, there is no odour and they do not use water. With two people using the toilet, it will be up to six weeks before the solids bin needs emptying. Then it will be emptied into a compostable bag and placed in a rubbish or compost bin or just buried. The stylish OGO has all the benefits of the Nature’s Head but because of its smaller size it only has about half the capacity. The OGO agitator uses a small motor to turn automatically for two minutes after each use, and there is a sensor to indicate the urine high level.

Dealing With Waste
Dealing With Waste

EnviroPro’s waterless composting toilets enable you to have a hassle-free holiday, with the least amount of impact on the environment. They are simple to install, easy to use and odourless. Just imagine a holiday without having to visit a dump-point. The first of their kind in Australia, the Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet is taking the market by storm, and the Ogo is the smallest toilet available with a fully automated agitator.

Our aim is to help you reduce your footprint on the planet by using 100% environmentally friendly products. We’ll help you achieve this with waste and wastewater treatment products, composting solutions, odour eliminators and water-less composting toilets.
Click here for EnviroPro Website


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A World Of Caravans!gorgeous Vintage Inspired Accessories To Commemorate Your Favourite Adventures!
A World of Caravans!


For local designer Victoria, her Van Go Collections are all about the journey. Collecting pieces along the way. Whether that’s a china cup in Longreach or a potholder in Mandurah, each find marks a memory. Victoria’s latest collection ‘A World of Caravans’ taps into a global yearning for the van life that blossomed in the early COVID years. “Everyone just wanted to get out. That desire to renovate vintage vans was the same in every country. In the Netherlands, you couldn’t find a campsite.” The new collection illustrates 20 vintage vans from 15 countries, just like the iconic Airstream-turn-showroom Victoria is renovating. In the meantime, stumble across her beautifully crafted bamboo dinner sets, keyrings, travel mugs, aprons and more at boutiques nationally.



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