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2.5kg Wall Mounted Washing Machine

This stylish new product from Camec combines elegant design, amazing efficiency, and lightweight construction to give you a space-saving washing machine in your caravan or RV. Camec have put this new design through rigorous vibration testing to ensure that it will give you years of trouble-free operation.

With eight separate washing settings, this machine deals with anything you need washing.

  • Cotton – Suitable for daily mixed washing of cotton, linen and chemical fiber clothing
  • 95° Hot wash – high-temperature sterilisation, not suitable for clothes liable to fade
  • Delicates – Delicates should not be mixed with general items
  • Quick wash – suitable for washing slightly soiled laundry
  • Baby care – suitable for washing ordinary baby clothes, able to remove common stains
  • Spin – Perform spin procedure only and able to spin dry excess water from theclothes
  • Rinse and Spin – suitable for washing clothes for which only rinsing is needed or clothes require rinsing with softener.
  • Rinse+ – Rinse only function, no spin cycle

With seven extra features to ensure you get the best performance from your machine and it is safe around children.

  • Drum clean – Designed to clean and sanitized the inner drum of the washing machine
  • Delay – This delay function sets the end time of the chosen cycle to a maximum of 24 hours in increments of 1 hour to 24 hours
  • Temperature button – Displays temperature selection options. Choose temperature according to wash items
  • Child lock – Locks all functions except the power button to avoid tampering
  • Power button – Turns the power on/off. The machine will power off after 10 minutes if no cycle is chosen
  • Start/Pause – Starts the selected wash cycle and can be used to pause and restart the cycle during operation
  • Voice/Mute – When illuminated the audio beeps are muted

For more information on this product, continue reading in the latest issue of What’s Up Downunder.

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The Satking Orbit Fully Automatic Satellite System
The SatKing Orbit Fully Automatic Satellite System

At the end of the day, when the sun has finally disappeared, and the moon is sending a gentle glow, catching up on your favourite show rounds out the perfect day. But, TV reception can be very hard to get in some of Australia’s most beautiful spots. This is why satellite TV is such a great idea.

The SatKing Orbit Fully Automatic Satellite System has an 85CM high gain dish to provide coverage for VAST and Foxtel Australia wide. Just press OK, simple. Utilising the latest in GPS technology to locate your exact location, the Orbit will quickly locate the satellite TV signal.

The SatKing Orbit is built for harsh Australian conditions, it’s rugged, well made with all-metal drive gears. Fully designed in Australia, the unit is perfect for travelling off the beaten track. Just add a SatKing DVBS2 980CA VAST box to complete your package.


  • Fully Automatic Self Aligning
  • Built-in 24CH GPS to Find Satellites Fast
  • Australia-Wide Coverage
  • Dual Output LNB as Standard to Suit Twin Tuner STB’s
  • Automatic LNB Skew
  • Powerful DC Motors with Metal Gearing
  • Weatherproof Construction
  • MPEG4 HD Compatible
  • Easy Installation

Physical Specifications

  • Dish Dimensions – 86.0 w x 91.0L cm
  • Physical Dimensions – 110.6(L) x 86.0(W) x 18.4(H) cm / 15.1 kg
  • Product Weight – 13.8kgs
  • Gift Box Weight – 15.1kgs
  • Operating Temperature Range – -20°C ~ +60°C


  • Input Voltage – DC 12 voltage range 10.5-16V
  • Consumption – 60 Watts in Search Mode – 4W Standby Mode

Visit for more information on the SatKing Orbit. 

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Redarc release Showroom AC Battery Charger

REDARC has released the latest edition of their co-branded DEFA AC Battery Charger range to the Australian and New Zealand market, a 12V 30A Showroom Charger (Part number SBC1230-S).

The Showroom Charger is designed for long-term battery maintenance charging, providing fast battery charge when you need. It is ideal for use in vehicle showrooms, or at home connected to infrequently used vehicles, RV’s, caravans or boats.

When in use, it can be placed under a vehicle, out of the view. The clamping cable is detachable and easily passed through the engine bay. The charger has no fan meaning it is noise-free. All of which allows the unit to remain incognito in a vehicle showroom or garage.

“As vehicle technology continues to improve, there is an increased demand for battery support and maintenance. The benefits are clear for not only vehicle showrooms but also home garages, with a safe and versatile battery charger that is able to deliver a quick charge to batteries that may be used infrequently.” – Managing Director of REDARC

The REDARC Showroom Charger by DEFA is based on modern switch-mode technology and galvanic isolation. The charger represents the latest in long-term battery maintenance charging and will maximise the lifespan of a battery. It uses a 7-step charging process to optimise battery performance and longevity.

Read the full article in the August issue of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.

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Have you checked your RV water level? Try the Dipper by BMPRO

The range of innovative products coming out of BMPRO like the Dipper keeps amazing me. Home of innovative powering solutions, BMPRO has a digital water level indicator that gives an accurate reading of the water levels in the fresh and grey water tanks on recreational vehicles, camper trailers and boats.

Boasting easy installation into the side of your existing water tanks (plastic and metal), and comprising no moving parts, the ‘Dipper’ is a sensor designed for use with the suite of BMPRO displays that have tank levels (i.e. Trek, Drifter, Jhub, Odyssey). It is also compatible with a range of aftermarket tank level indicators.

The BMPRO dipper is easy to install


Water is slightly conductive and the Dipper uses this to sense water levels. Coming in five and seven metre cable lengths, it needs to be connected to a detector (such as a Trek or other detectors) to display levels.

The Dipper also has five nodes to sense water levels, with the last node being ‘Ground’. As the water fills up, the water connects each node to Ground. By counting the number of nodes connected through the water to Ground, the system can determine the depth of the water in the tank.

The BMPRO Dipper uses the water's natural conductivity to measure the water in your caravan's tanks

The BMPRO Dipper uses the water’s natural conductivity to measure the water in your caravan’s tanks


So, what are the Dipper’s main benefits, as opposed to other water level indicators?
(1) Easy and flexible to install or replace: The Dipper has a waterproof connector near the tank, so that the installer can install the sensor on the tank and wire the caravan separately and if required replace the Dipper without having to extract the wires through the wall. 

(2) Quick install in tank: The Dipper only requires a single hole to be drilled near the top of the tank, greatly reducing labour required for installation.

(3) Common connector on the display end of the harness: Can be used not only on BMPRO products but also other detectors on the market.

(4) Comes in three sizes with cable length of 2.5m, 5m, 7.5m

Dipper is available through BMPRO recommended retailers  and online 

Reviewed by John Westbury

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Diesel Care Introduces new Catch Can Kits

Diesel Care has introduced a new range of Catch Can Kits to its product line-up, designed to protect modern diesel engines that use Exhaust Gas Recirculation, which reduces Nitrous Oxide emissions but has some potentially negative side effects.

The company was the first to design a range of Fuel Filter Kits to prevent costly damage due to contaminated fuel and to solve the ongoing and time consuming mounting problems that arose during installation on various vehicles. Now their new range of Catch Cans Kits have been developed to not only help protect the engine but to also improve on the existing range of kits you may find on the market.

During the research phase for its Catch Can Kits, Diesel Care says the goal was to produce a product that would fit better under the bonnet of modern diesel vehicles, be more robust in design and, importantly, be as easy as possible to install.

While Diesel Care offer their services to fit the kits and have developed them to save time in the workshop, they have the customer in mind. These kits have been put together so that anyone with some basic mechanical skills and a few tools can install one themselves within an hour or two.

So why do you need a Catch Can Kit?

A catch can or oil mist separator is a solution to the build-up of carbon in the engine’s intake system. This compensates for the way vehicle manufacturers have dealt with the problem of nitrous oxide emissions released in the atmosphere by diesel engines, a method called Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

For the full article on the DieselCare Catch Can Kit, you can read in the July issue of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.

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What Battery Charger suits my Batteries?

A good quality and properly set up battery charging system is the most important part of your power supply. You can buy the best quality batteries in the world, but they won’t last or perform if you have a poor quality, incorrect or poorly setup battery charger including sure power and solar charge controllers.

When it comes time to replace your batteries you should consider the following; How long did your previous batteries last? If the answer is “a long time” you most likely have a good quality battery charger and it is programmed and set up correctly for the battery technology that you have or had and you followed good battery charging practises including limiting your depth of discharge and keeping your batteries in a fully charged condition (especially when in storage)

If the answer is “not long” you need to ask why? Is the battery charger suitable for the battery size and technology? Did you cycle the batteries too hard? Did you leave the batteries discharged for lengthy periods? These are all common factors that cause early battery failures.

To find out what should you consider when it’s time to replace your batteries, continuing reading in the July Issue of the What’s Up Downunder Digital Magazine.

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