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Dometic Camping Furniture – Dining Out at its Best

The camping furniture range consists of both camping chairs and tables, that are lightweight, robust, and comfortable. They can also be folded up and put into compact carrying bags, for easy storage and travel, so that the user can relax in comfort wherever they go. The camping furniture also consists of a stable, steel-framed camping bed with an extra-wide design to ensure adults get a comfortable night’s sleep while camping.

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Dometic Camping Tents Freedom to Explore the Outdoors

Dometic Camping Tents Freedom to Explore the Outdoors

The Dometic camping tents have been designed for the Australian market and features innovative technology. The camping tents and awnings are inflatable using AirFrame technology to ensure reliable performance and a simple set up. Its Weathershield™ 68D material ensures protection from wind, rain and UV rays. Large windows for ventilation on all sides allow plenty of airflow during hot weather. The inflatable canopy provides extra covered living space, making these tents great for short or long stays.

Dometic introduces its first rooftop tents range suited towards 4WD’s. Suitable for any 4WD and available in both a manual or electric option, they are constructed from high-quality durable materials and can be set up in a matter of minutes. A peaceful night’s sleep is guaranteed with the 5 cm thick, high-density foam mattress which is big enough to comfortably fit two people. Entering the tents is easy thanks to the lightweight, telescopic aluminium ladder.

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Looking for a clutter-free way to avoid food waste out on the tracks? Check out these awesome ezysafe collapsible containers, available once again from BJ Enterprises.

The brightly-coloured containers, which store flat for travel, come in packs of six and four.


The lids clip securely to avoid spills and are clear so you can always see what’s inside.

Normally retailing at $29.95 for four and $54.95 for a set of six, BJ Enterprises plans to offer WUDU/Camper Deal readers a special discount this week to celebrate the popular sets re-release.

BJ Enterprises plans to offer a special discount this week to all WUDU/Camper Deal readers to celebrate the popular sets’ re-release. Use code WUDU25%OFF in the shopping cart.Or check out the collapsible buckets and tubs marked down by over 50% on the sale page and on my camper deals store.

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Sentry Micro’ strobe from Narva takes personal road safety to the next level

Auto DraftAt the scene of a breakdown or accident, visibility is a major priority, especially in dim conditions or at night time.

Narva’s new ‘Sentry Micro’ Rechargeable L.E.D Strobe is a lightweight and compact (only 54mm tall), personal road safety device that comfortably fits in a vehicle’s glovebox or centre console, ready for use when needed.

The Sentry Micro is equipped with 8 x 1W L.E.Ds to provide a powerful output. It also offers four flash pattern options including two rotating, SOS and steady on functions.

Positioning this strobe to a vehicle is easy – the powerful integrated magnets provide secure mounting, even at up to 60 km/h and the strobe’s felt-lined base will ensure no scratches to the duco.

This versatility as well as its fully sealed and weatherproof design to IP65 and SAE Class 1 output, means that the Sentry Micro is also ideal for light commercial and construction applications and legal to operate on any job site.

To ensure the strobe performs at its best year after year, it features a diecast aluminium base, a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens and a reinforced top cover.

The Sentry Micro is equipped with a Lithium battery that can handle temperatures up to 80° while offering consistent charge retention even when not used for longer periods. Depending on the flash pattern selected, users can expect a generous run time of between 2-7 hours before recharging via the supplied micro USB cable.

Narva’s new Sentry Micro Rechargeable L.E.D Strobe is backed by a 3-year L.E.D warranty and can be purchased from leading automotive, transport and four wheel drive outlets nationwide at a recommended retail price of approximately $109.00 incl. GST.

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Tough Dog’s New Upper Control Arm Solving Problems

The new release Upper Control Arms (UCA) from Tough Dog is designed to return a vehicle’s suspension and steering geometry to standard after it has been lifted.

When an IFS vehicle is fitted with a suspension lift, the original caster and camber specifications are pushed outside the acceptable limit.  The vehicle loses caster which makes the steering vague, and positive camber is introduced, which contributes to uneven and accelerated tyre wear.  While most of this can be adjusted using the factory wheel alignment adjustment points, the geometry of the suspension is not quite the same as OEM.

The Tough Dog UCAs are fixed length and position arms, which guards against the alignment being knocked out of specification by a solid offroad hit.

On top of the alignment issues, clearance problems between the strut and the upper control arm on down travel can also occur.  The slimline tubular design of Tough Dog UCAs create the maximum possible clearance.

Tough Dog UCA’s are built tough.  The end housings are forged from 1020 grade steel, as is the ball joint housing, which has been specifically crafted with a slimline design to maximize clearance.  The bushings are heavy-duty, high flex style design requiring no lubrication, for maximum life span in rough terrain.  The ball joint is constructed of high strength Chromoly steel.  For ease of servicing, all Tough Dog UCAs are designed to accept original equipment bushings and ball joint parts as spares in case you ever need them.

Tough Dog Upper Control Arms can help get the maximum performance and lifespan from your suspension and steering components. For more information, and to see the range of vehicles covered, head to

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2.5kg Wall Mounted Washing Machine

This stylish new product from Camec combines elegant design, amazing efficiency, and lightweight construction to give you a space-saving washing machine in your caravan or RV. Camec have put this new design through rigorous vibration testing to ensure that it will give you years of trouble-free operation.

With eight separate washing settings, this machine deals with anything you need washing.

  • Cotton – Suitable for daily mixed washing of cotton, linen and chemical fiber clothing
  • 95° Hot wash – high-temperature sterilisation, not suitable for clothes liable to fade
  • Delicates – Delicates should not be mixed with general items
  • Quick wash – suitable for washing slightly soiled laundry
  • Baby care – suitable for washing ordinary baby clothes, able to remove common stains
  • Spin – Perform spin procedure only and able to spin dry excess water from theclothes
  • Rinse and Spin – suitable for washing clothes for which only rinsing is needed or clothes require rinsing with softener.
  • Rinse+ – Rinse only function, no spin cycle

With seven extra features to ensure you get the best performance from your machine and it is safe around children.

  • Drum clean – Designed to clean and sanitized the inner drum of the washing machine
  • Delay – This delay function sets the end time of the chosen cycle to a maximum of 24 hours in increments of 1 hour to 24 hours
  • Temperature button – Displays temperature selection options. Choose temperature according to wash items
  • Child lock – Locks all functions except the power button to avoid tampering
  • Power button – Turns the power on/off. The machine will power off after 10 minutes if no cycle is chosen
  • Start/Pause – Starts the selected wash cycle and can be used to pause and restart the cycle during operation
  • Voice/Mute – When illuminated the audio beeps are muted

For more information on this product, continue reading in the latest issue of What’s Up Downunder.

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