Top 3 Reversing tips for newbies!

Caravan Reversing Tips:  When I took over the wheel and started towing our 24ft caravan, the thought of reversing made me want to do a little vomit. Wayne had previously done all the towing, so I was jumping into very new territory.  (Check out his tips for teaching me how to tow here) Would I be able to reverse our caravan? I have horrible memories of trying to reverse a trailer when I was younger and over the years have done my best to avoid it all together. Reverse parking, I have no problems with…I didn’t have very long to learn as I was given the opportunity to road test a 22ft caravan on my own for 10 days for a TV shoot with What’s Up! Downunder.

Read my TOP 3 tips  here:

Wayne and the girls being very supportive of my towing!! NOT…hahaha
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