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    Suburban Hot Water System Manual Ignition (SW6PA) Gas

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    A budget hot water system from Suburban’s premium range, the SW6PA LPG gas powered water heater is an excellent means of getting 24 hour access to hot water in your RV, caravan or camper. Featuring a 22.6 litre high tensile steel storage tank, that is pressure tested and porcelain lined for additional durability, the system also includes an anode rod for corrosion protection. This rod is designed to additionally act as a drain plug for the tank, and can easily be replaced once eroded. The storage tank in this hot water system is insulated with the help of a foam insulation jacket, keeping heat losses to a minimum.

    In tune with the core concepts that govern the design of all Suburban water heaters, the SW6PA has a compact build, and an easy installation mechanism. Servicing the system is also a hassle free process; a service door on its rear face allows access to the heating element, limiter switch, as well as the anode rod. In addition to this, spare parts for the device are readily available at commercial outlets, making maintenance tasks quick and simple. This particular model from the Suburban HWS range has manual ignition, which the user can easily activate from outside the vehicle, through the service door.


    • Heavy duty high tensile steel tank with porcelain lining, pressure tested twice for durability check
    • Foam insulation around tank to minimise heat loss and maintain a high recovery rate of 40 litres per hour
    • Anode rod installed within water tank to prevent corrosion due to hot water
    • LPG gas operated model, with manual ignition, powered by the user from the easy access door located outside the vehicle
    • Compact proportions and smart design, making for easy installation and service
    • Readily available spare parts for simple maintenance



    • 22.6 Litre Capacity
    • 1050 Kpa Max working pressure
    • 10.5 mj/hour Gas consumption
    • 0.89mm Jet orifice size
    • Dimensions: (W)320mm x (D)500mm x (H)320mm
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