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    SmartSpace Pots With Lids

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    Smartspace Pots & Lids are the revolutionary new way to make food while on the road. Specifically engineered with RV camping cooking in mind, these Camec-branded pots have been cleverly designed to provide campers with the most compact cooking experience possible!

    Coated in a high-quality Teflon layer for a superior non-stick experience and designed with a square-shape for an improved RV stove fit, these stackable SmartSpace pots are the perfect camping addition for even the most avid chef. With the simple click of a button, the detachable handle can easily be removed, allowing each pot to fit inside one another, providing the best on-the-road storage experience possible.



    • 3 Smartspace pots of varying sizes (2.8L, 1.9L & 1.4L) with matching lids
    • 3 high-quality Teflon matts (for benchtop use)
    • 1 detachable handle
    • Dimensions: 1.4L (160mm x 160 mm x 105 mm), 1.9L (185mm x 185mm x 125 mm), 2.8L (210mm x 210mm x 140mm)
    • Compatible with Smartspace Frying Pan
    • Suitable on induction stoves
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