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EvaKool 146L 12v Fridge/Freezer

Product Details


590MM (W) X 1095MM (H) X 585MM (D)


For the best performing 12v refrigeration all-rounder on the market, you can’t go past the EvaKool 146L 12v Fridge/Freezer Platinum series. 100% Australian owned, EvaKool are the fridge of choice for many RV industry experts thanks to an unrivalled low power consumption that doesn’t affect their reliable cooling capacity.

The EvaKool Platinum series of stylish upright fridge/freezers designed especially for RVs, handle high Australian temperatures better than almost all of their counterparts. Which is why they’ve been able to rely on word of mouth rather than paid advertising.

The EvaKool platinum series has even been tested to maintain a freezer temperature of -15°C in ambient temperatures in excess of +48°C! This is thanks to its thicker than average insulated walls catering for Australias warmer climate. They are designed to withstand the bumps and knocks of off-road travel, continuing to operate when on angles of up to 30 degrees. Their low power consumption is also ideal for anyone relying on 12V and solar power, however they can also be combined with an AC adaptor to run off 240V mains power for even faster cooling when bunked down at home or in a caravan park. So when choosing a fridge for your Caravan, Motorhome, Boat, Bus Truck or Trailer look no further than the 146 litre Evakool as you won’t be disappointed in its efficient low maintenance new age design.

The platinum series is available in 4 common sizes, with a 1-door and 2-door models, complete with all the features you do want, and none of the unnecessary frills you don’t need!

Backed with a two year manufacturer’s warranty and service centres throughout Australia, the perks of the EvaKool experience continues even after you purchase.




  • 100% Australian Owned
  • Cooling capacity up to 60ºC below ambient temperature
  • Maximum T+ Climate Class Rating
  • Simple to use internal temperature adjustment dial
  • Easy to use controls
  • 12/24 volt operation
  • 240v operation is possible with the additional purchase and installation of an AC Adaptor
  • Reversible Doors
  • Metal Door Latch
  • Smooth, hygenic, easy to clean interiors, with all the bells you actually want
  • Service agents all over Australia including in remote locations


  • Self-diagnostic fault system
  • Quiet, reliable, and efficient operation
  • Low voltage protection
  • Externally mounted condenser for improved performance venting heat away from the cabinet for reduced power consumption.  Note – This does not mean it has an externally mounted compressor 
  • Will operate on angles up to 30 degrees
  • Automatic reverse polarity protection



Overall Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 590mm (W) x 1095mm (H) x 585mm (D) (depth includes bump stop)
  • Overall Capacity: 146L
  • Doors: 2 door
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Compressor: CK35 DC Compressor
  • Power: 12v (10.7~17) or 24v (22.8~31.5) operation (for 240v operation see Paul’s Tips)
  • Power Consumption: 2.0-3.0A/hr (based on an ambient 32°C temperature, with internal fridge temperature set to +4°C, and internal freezer temperature set to -15°C)
  • Average Current Draw: 2.25 Amps or 28.9 Watts (over 24hrs – approx.)
  • Duty Cycle: 50% (i.e. 50% on and 50% off on average over 24 hours)
  • Finish: Metal
  • Colour: Platinum Satin Grey
  • Includes: interior light, metal door retaining clips, 3 x plastic coated metal shelves, 1 x perspex shelf, 1 x vegetable/fruit crisper, 1 x ice tray, and 1 x egg tray.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 years


Freezer Specifications

  • Freezer Compartment Dimensions: 440mm (W) x 180mm (H) x 380mm (D)
  • Freezer Capacity: 30L (approx)
  • Freezer Wall Thickness: 75mm


Fridge Specifications

  • Fridge Compartment Dimensions: 470mm (W) x 660mm (H) x 420mm (D) (excludes compressor step)
  • Fridge Capacity: 116L (approx)
  • Fridge Wall Thickness: 55mm



> The fridge can draw up to 12amps on start up, so make sure your fused line and cabling is at least 6mm (10AWG).

> Evakool fridges can be run off 240V (mains power) when correctly set-up for use with an AC Adaptor. Our workshop recommends a product like the Waeco Mobitronic AC AdaptorEvaKool recommends running your fridge off 240V mains power (with an AC adaptor) to initially cool your fridge down, then switching it to 12V (allowing a few minutes for the electrics to reset) for general running, ideally with solar panels to ensure your battery remains charged.

See our corresponding Flush or Standard Mounting Kits to secure the fridge to your RV for safe travel.

> Let your food cool down before placing it in the fridge to reduce your energy consumption.

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