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Dometic FRESHJET 2200 Air Conditioner

Product Details


The new and improved Dometic Freshjet FJ2200 brings to your RV, pop-top, camper or caravan a rare combination of flawless air conditioning and energy efficiency. This lightweight and ultra-compact reverse cycle rooftop unit provides small motor homes with 1.8KW of cooling and 1.2KW of heating ability. Equipped with an innovative soft-start technology, this air conditioner draws minimal current during start up, thus suited to both generator operated setups and situations with restricted power supply.

The Freshjet FJ2200 is geared towards drawing maximum functionality from a minimal design. Its air distribution box is outfitted with four-way vents for effective distribution, and its compressor has a vertical orientation to minimise vibrations. Its design also provides your motor home with 650mm of free ventilation, a useful contribution to ventilation requirements for gas regulations.

This intelligent rooftop air conditioner focuses just as much on the ambiance within your RV or caravan, as it does on its heating and cooling performance. An LED lighting panel integrated into its air distribution box generates a soft and pleasant mood light which, together with the unit’s quiet operation, is perfect for a relaxed evening spent inside your motor home when the weather isn’t too kind. With all its functions accessible via remote control, the Dometic Freshjet FJ2200 gives you complete access to uninterrupted comfort during your camping trips.



  • Compact, lightweight rooftop air conditioner compatible with smaller caravans and pop-tops
  • Provides reverse cycle cooling and heating of 1.8KW and 1.2KW respectively
  • Equipped with soft-start mechanism for minimal current draw; ideal for generator-run or restricted power supply situations
  • Ensures better air distribution via four-way vents on ADB
  • Vertically oriented compressor for reduced vibration
  • Low noise operation
  • Integrated 12 volt LED ambient lighting panel provided with ADB
  • Easily installed within 400mm square cut-out in the roof of the motor home
  • Accounts for 650mm of permanent ventilation, contributing to gas regulation requirements
  • Equipped with timer function
  • All functions accessible via remote control
  • Operates on most QUALITY inverter type generators of 2000watts or more.



  • Suitable for Pop-Tops
  • Best for vehicle length: up to 7m
  • Voltage: 240 volts AC
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 52 Degrees
  • Below Ceiling: 535mm x 480mm x 47mm
  • Roof Thickness: 25mm – 60mm
  • Roof opening:400mm x 400 mm
  • Above Roof section: 787mm x 562 mm, Height: 225 mm
  • Installed Weight: 32Kg
  • Blower Speeds: 4
  • Heating Capacity: 1.2kW – 5.2A
  • Cooling Capacity: 1.8kW – 4.1A
  • Max Compressor Capacity: 2.2kW
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: generous 3yr Dometic Warranty
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