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    Camec Caravan Cover C18CCV 16′-18′ 4.8m-5.4m

    Product Details

    Camec 16-18ft Caravan Cover – Now with 3 Year Warranty 
    Heavy duty, practical, lightweight and affordable, this Camec caravan cover leaves little to be desired in terms of all-weather protection for your motorhome. Suitable for caravans measuring between 16 and 18 feet in external length, this cover sports a UV stabilised design to block harmful sun rays from damaging your motorhome’s paints and furnishings. Its roof section is entirely waterproof, and also shields your caravan against corrosive acid rain and pollutants.
    Water resistant side panels add to the utility of the product, also introducing breathability to its mix of qualities. The breathable design allows for continuous moisture evaporation, keeping your caravan free from mould and mildew. Designed to fit all compatible caravans snugly, the Camec caravan cover comes with two nylon straps each on the front and back, that use a buckle mechanism to gather up any loose fabric. A heavy duty reinforced skirt protects the lower edge of your motorhome, while extra reinforced corners resist tears and snags.
    Despite its heavy-duty build, the cover is lightweight, easy to install, and has a non-abrasive inner lining.  Its zippered side panel allows you access to your caravan’s interior, and is provided with eyelets that help it double up as a sun awning to allow for easy access.


    • Designed for caravans measuring 16-18ft in length
    • Provides protection from sun, wind, moisture, acid rain and pollutants
    • UV stabilised design to prevent fading of fabrics and furnishings
    • 100% waterproof roof section
    • Water resistant side panels with zippered door
    • Eyelets on side door for additional use as a sun awning
    • Breathable design to prevent mould and mildew formation
    • Lightweight and easy to install, with a non-abrasive inner lining
    • Nylon straps and buckles on front and back for secure fastening
    • Heavy duty skirt all around the lower periphery
    • Extra reinforcements and double stitching on corners for protection against sharp edges
    • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty



    • Made to fit 16ft – 18ft caravans (4.8m – 5.4m)
    • 100% waterproof roof
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