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ADCO Class C Motorhome Cover 20’ to 23’ (6100-7000mm)

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Deemed the most durable brand of RV covers on the market, ADCO has been in the industry since 1955. Developed in conjunction with ADCO’s Designer Series, which quickly become the #1 best-selling caravan cover in the US, this ADCO Class C Motorhome Cover was specifically engineered to withstand high levels of sun exposure, moisture, long-term storage conditions, and snow.

This high-quality ADCO-branded cover features:

  • zipper entry panels (which allow access during storage),
  • four layers of Dupont Tyvek RV’s innovative top panels (which bead water upon contact),
  • resilient polypropylene side panels, and;
  • superior UV-blocking abilities, capable of blocking approximately 99.8% of all UV rays.

With a convenient front & rear cinching system, top and bottom reinforcements, and useful buckles and straps to prevent blowing, this attractive ADCO-branded Class C Motorhome Cover is a one-of-a-kind piece of caravan cover artistry.



  • Includes: Carry Bag
  • Width of  2642mm
  • Height of 2362mm
  • Dimensions: 20-23ft / 6100-7000mm
  • Protected under a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
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