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    ADCO Camper Trailer Cover 12-14′ CRVCTC14 (3672-4284mm)

    Product Details

    A popular and reliable choice of motorhome accessory, this ADCO camper trailer cover is compatible with trailers ranging from 12 to 14 feet in external length. Serving as the ideal all-weather protection for your trailer, the cover is intelligently designed to fit the vehicle snugly. Its elasticised hems and slip-seam strap mechanism, together with its buckle cinching systems, prevent billowing and reduce wind impact, keeping dust and scratches from damaging the body of your trailer.

    The Dupont Tyvek multi-layered roof panel of the cover blocks up to 99.8% of harmful UV rays, preventing your trailer and its soft furnishings from ageing prematurely. Armed with an ADCO camper trailer cover, your 12-14ft trailer gets highly effective moisture protection. Though completely waterproof, the cover is breathable enough to maintain air circulation around your trailer, thus keeping it free from mould and mildew through the off-season. The polypropylene side panels of the ADCO 12-14ft camper trailer cover are equipped with zippered doors, allowing you access to your motorhome without removing the cover.

    Sporting a high-quality, extremely durable build, the cover comes with an extra reinforced design, double stitched corners, and high quality zippers and eyelets. Its sophisticated modern looks are complemented by a convenient toss-under buckle mechanism for quick and simple installation. Partner your trailer with this high quality ADCO product and keep it protected for years to come.



    • Designed for camper trailers 12-14ft in length
    • Multi-layered, durable build for all-weather protection
    • Extra reinforced design with double stitching and high quality zippers and eyelets
    • Dupont Tyvek roof blocks 99.8% of harmful UV rays
    • Polypropylene sides come with zippered panels for easy access to the interior of the trailer
    • Completely waterproof design
    • Breathable, prevents mould and mildew from building up
    • Elasticised hems, straps, buckles and cinching systems for snug fit
    • Prevents billowing and wind impact
    • Easy installation via weighted toss-under buckle mechanism
    • Smart modern look



    • Made to fit camper trailers 12ft to14ft long
    • 1372mm High x 2185mm Wide
    • 100% waterproof roof
    • UV resistant 99.8%
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