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    Camec Caravan Mover Elite 2

    Product Details

    DONT LIVE THROUGH ANOTHER SEASON PUSHING YOUR VAN AROUND. The Camec Elite 2 allows you to move your RV at the push of a remote-control button. Both movers have aluminium rollers that engage with the tyres to make the RV wheels turn. The mover features soft start and soft stop technology to avoid jerky movements of the RV. IMPORTANT: The previous Elite model and the new Elite 2 model movers are not compatible with each other and cannot be paired together.


    • Economical & effective solution for manoeuvring your caravan
    • Excellent quality aluminium rollers that are friendly to tyres
    • Easy winding action to engage or disengage the rollers
    • Optimal compact design, reasonable ground clearance, suitable for almost any light duty single axle chassis
    • E-coating & powder coating corrosion protection
    • All important components are fully protected against water spray, dirt & oil
    • Manoeuvre your caravan effortlessly with soft stop & start technology
    • 2-way communication remote control technology provides excellent anti-interference protection against other electronic signals


    • NOT SUITABLE for rear shackle type suspensions
    • Dimensions Part A: 765mm(l) x 533mm(w) x 270mm(d)
    • Dimensions Part B: 1490mm(l) x 260mm(w) x 90mm(d)
    • Operational Voltage: 12 Volt DC
    • Average Current Consumption: 20 Amps
    • Maximum Current Consumption: 100 Amps
    • Safe Working Load (SWL): 1,800kg (2 motors) up to 1,500kg on an 18% gradient. 2,500kg (4 motors) up to 1,800kg on an 18% gradient
    • Minimum Width (caravan/trailer): 1,800mm. Maximum Width (caravan/trailer): 2,500mm
    • Maximum Tyre Width: 205mm
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