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    Ezysafe Can Opener

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    • Category: Accessories
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    Any can any where and no sharp edges and no mess. No cutting edge so its safe around the kids Re-use the cans for storage. Also the worlds best left handed can opener Unless you lose it, run it over, or shoot it, it will be the last can opener you ever buy

    The Ezysafe can opener Australia has no sharp edges on the can or the can opener and extremely easy to operate.

    Lock onto the top of the can with a 1/4 turn, DO NOT PUSH DOWN ON THE OPENER, then around you go with theĀ  Opener till you hear a click or feel a slight change, a 1/4 turn back to release the opener and it is done.

    The lid is separated from the can by the can opener at the factory seal. So no sharp edges ever because it has not cut the can, no spilt food and you can place the lid back on the can if you wish for storage. You can reuse the can for storing screws nails of even pens, pencils or crayons for the kids.

    Ezysafe can openerĀ Australia is all so the worlds best left handed can opener, just switch hands and turn it towards you Any can, any where.

    Washing your opener is done with a damp cloth or a brush if need be, you should not put any good quality can opener in the dishwasher and do not sub merg it in the sink.

    Our products come with a full 1 Year Guarantee

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