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Filling Level Indicator

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This device is a portable filling level indicator for all (propane/butane – LPG) steel or aluminum gas cylinders with a diameter of 200mm to 350mm.

It can be used to check whether there is liquid in the cylinder at the test point and determine the filling level.

Includes 9V battery.

The practical Level Indicator uses ultrasound for quick and reliable indication of whether there is LP gas in the measured area. The measuring device is simply placed against the gas tank in a horizontal position.

Reliable indication using ultrasound

Easy handling

For all steel and aluminum LP gas tanks with a diameter of 7.9 to 13.8 in / 200 to 350 mm

Measurements can be taken in the temperature range between -15 and + 40 °C.

Keep tabs on how much gas you have left and avoid an embarrassing scene at your next BBQ.

 Simply hold the tip against the side of gas tank and slide it downwards from the top until the gas indicator illuminates (ensure BBQ is not operating).

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