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BEST Water Filter Inline

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Product Description
The ‘H’ range {H is for installation on Hose} is a DIY Installation- it connects to your drinking water/filling hose in less than a minute.
This Inline is dual purpose – it can be used on your hose to fill your tanks and also when you are connected directly to mains water!
Reversible- if the flow reduces, simply reverse the unit, hook it back up and flush the dirt away.
Compact, stores away with your hose. 
Removes chemicals for approx. 5000 L – great tasting water. 
Uses a full bed of SilverSafe® Silver coated crystals to kill harmful bacteria.
Prevents Giardia, cryptosporidium.
No set replacement times. Safe even after periods of non-use. No need to refrigerate.
Sealed- no cartridges
Produces great tasting water for longer than domestic units – “its the SilverSafe® that sets B.E.S.T. apart from the rest!” {Caravan and Motorhome magazine} 
Recommended flow rate is 6-10L/min
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