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2.5kg Wall Mounted Washing Machine

This stylish new product from Camec combines elegant design, amazing efficiency, and lightweight construction to give you a space-saving washing machine in your caravan or RV. Camec have put this new design through rigorous vibration testing to ensure that it will give you years of trouble-free operation.

With eight separate washing settings, this machine deals with anything you need washing.

  • Cotton – Suitable for daily mixed washing of cotton, linen and chemical fiber clothing
  • 95° Hot wash – high-temperature sterilisation, not suitable for clothes liable to fade
  • Delicates – Delicates should not be mixed with general items
  • Quick wash – suitable for washing slightly soiled laundry
  • Baby care – suitable for washing ordinary baby clothes, able to remove common stains
  • Spin – Perform spin procedure only and able to spin dry excess water from theclothes
  • Rinse and Spin – suitable for washing clothes for which only rinsing is needed or clothes require rinsing with softener.
  • Rinse+ – Rinse only function, no spin cycle

With seven extra features to ensure you get the best performance from your machine and it is safe around children.

  • Drum clean – Designed to clean and sanitized the inner drum of the washing machine
  • Delay – This delay function sets the end time of the chosen cycle to a maximum of 24 hours in increments of 1 hour to 24 hours
  • Temperature button – Displays temperature selection options. Choose temperature according to wash items
  • Child lock – Locks all functions except the power button to avoid tampering
  • Power button – Turns the power on/off. The machine will power off after 10 minutes if no cycle is chosen
  • Start/Pause – Starts the selected wash cycle and can be used to pause and restart the cycle during operation
  • Voice/Mute – When illuminated the audio beeps are muted

For more information on this product, continue reading in the latest issue of What’s Up Downunder.

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